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Cheer for your dreams, bring more to your community!
I am your community manager!
Community is the fundamental of Blockchain, and Grouplus
is to redefine community with AI.
What can I do for you?
I am your AI assistant.
With machine learning and deep learning,
the more you use, the more I know.
Provide you with data analysis.
Topic analysis and public sentiment analysis.
You can also be a community management expert.
Accurately find out where your users are;
Use AI to make you a KOL;
Manage communities automatically.
Use blockchain to make your community different.
Smart contract;Token economy;
Query of token price;Trading assistant
KOL is the engine in the community,
and significantly affects the vitality and life cycle of the community.
Success Stories
NEO is the world's most famous public chain project whose token price ranks sixth in the world (January 2018), creating a distributed network of “smart economy”. NEO attaches great importance to the development of the community, has a large global developer community, represented by CoZ, NEL and NeoResearch, and has been supported long in the development of NEO by them. The NEO community is a large community with millions of members who have long been active on Telegram, Reddit, Discord, GitHub, Twitter, and so on.
Grouplus provides services for NEO community developers to communicate and create projects to serve the community ecological cycle, enabling community members around the world to find the knowledge they need in their native language on any community channel, anytime, anywhere. It is well known that the success of blockchain projects is inseparable from the contributions of the majority of community members. Grouplus empowers the community's normal cycle, making NEO a global public blockchain project in a short period of time, allowing the value of the community to be reflected.
Microsoft is a leading enterprise in AI and cloud computing platform, and has released a series of AI services (cognitive services) on its intelligent cloud Azure, helping individual developers and enterprises around the world to develop intelligent applications easily and embrace the wave of digital transformation. In that, Conversation as a Platform (CAAP) Bot Service has more than 200,000 developers worldwide, and is widely used to develop intelligent Bot applications.
Bot Service (Bot Framework) is a conversational AI service on Microsoft Intelligent Cloud Azure that provides access to common social channels and can extend the community channels through DirectLine. Grouplus takes full advantage of the excellent capabilities and features of Microsoft Bot Service, and through the secondary development of DirectLine, it has realized support for blockchain community channels such as Discord, and optimized the concurrent performance of multi-community channels.
Founded in 1988, the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) is Germany's leading research center for artificial intelligence and the world's largest non-profit artificial intelligence research organization. DFKI has approximately 900 scientists, researchers and engineers. The research direction covers the main industrial directions of artificial intelligence, including big data analysis, knowledge management, natural language processing, human-computer interaction, robotics, and so on. In the past 30 years, a large number of industrial achievements have been formed.
Natural language processing, as the focus of artificial intelligence in the next decade, is the entry point for the next generation of natural human-computer interaction, and has made significant progress in specific scenarios such as machine translation, single-person dialogue, and so on. Grouplus has begun to work on group chat intensively with DFKI scientists and teams, applying natural language understanding, natural language generation and other capabilities to industrial applications, enriching the community's ecological experience and value development.
Function List

My name is Grouplus. I am a real learning and interactive IM (Telegram, WeChat, Reddit, etc.) robot built with artificial intelligence deep learning technology and massive data. I am very understanding, I know your true thoughts, and the longer you spend with me, the more I know you! My creators are experts from all over the world, including game developers, AI experts, and blockchain entrepreneurs. Let you become a master of community management through an easy operation! In my opinion, if you are still wondering how to find a big website to advertise, and the ads may attract 5,000 people, but only 5% of them are registered as your users, you will be out! With my help, you can be the master on various IM tools! The community is the wealth and the future!